Juan Miguel de Joya

November 13, 2017 | no responses | 503

Juan is a technical director, software engineer, and researcher specializing in computer graphics, machine learning, and mixed reality experiences. He currently works for DigitalFish at Facebook creating bleeding edge mixed reality experiences, and is the VR Showcase Chair for SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Bangkok, Thailand. In his downtime he develops intelligent training and control software for prototyping bionic hands in AR, puts together tech/art installations exploring the human impact of computing, and serves on the Professional Development Committee of the ACM Practitioner’s Board as well as having leadership and expertise roles within ACM SIGGRAPH. Previously, Juan was an undergraduate researcher at the Visual Computing Lab of the University of California, Berkeley under Professor James F. O’Brien, studied under four-time Academy Award winning sound designer Mark Berger, and worked at both Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, and DigitalFish at Google Spotlight Stories.