Pol Jeremias – ShaderToy & Pixar

November 13, 2017 | no responses | 543


Pol Jeremias lives for real-time graphics. He grew up in Barcelona, but his desire to research and create real-time graphics brought him to California in 2006. After completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science at University of Southern California, he joined LucasArts where he worked on rendering technology for Star Wars 1313, as well as other games. Today, he works at Pixar Animation Studios where he develops rendering algorithms to help the artists make movies. He is credited in multiple movies, including Finding Dory.

In his spare time, Pol is a co-founder at Shadertoy.com, a website that enables graphics enthusiasts to create, learn, and share rendering knowledge. Since 2012, he’s been actively involved with SIGGRAPH, directing Real-Time Live! in 2016 and the Computer Animation Festival in 2017. When he is not programming, you will find him running, watching movies, or drinking coffee.