Marco Tarini – Online visualization of hexahedral meshes

November 8, 2018 | no responses | 353


Marco Tarini (PhD, Pisa, 2003) works as an Associate Professor Associate Professor at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. He is active in many different research areas within Computer Graphics (rendering, geometry processing, acquisition, fabrication) and its applications (to scientific visualization, video games, cultural heritage). He authored more than 25 articles in the top three journals of the field, including several award winning ones. Marie Curie fellow (2004, at MPI, Saarbrueken), he received the Young Researcher Award by Eurographics in 2006. Marco serves as editor, chair, program chair, and IPC/ITC member for many journals and conferences in the field, including, among others, associate editor for Elsevier Computer and Graphics since 2017, conference chair of SGP 2019, and IPC member for SIGGRAPH ASIA in 2016. He works as core developer in open source projects, including MeshLab (for which he got an award in 2017 by Eurographics SGP) and QuteMol (molecular visualizer). An active educator, Marco has been teaching more than 35 university (undergraduate, Master or PhD) courses on Computer Graphics, Video Game Dev, Geometry Processing and others topics, at various universities worldwide.