Sam Moskwa – A Look Inside The Supercomputer

October 15, 2018 | no responses | 238


Sam Moskwa believes that by performing complex computations on supercomputers we will one day find evidence of little green men. However, we probably shouldn’t trust the discovery any more than an anecdote about cow abductions because many computational processes are irreproducible. His first job was in the computer games industry but quickly returned to university where he fell into a role working with bioinformaticians studying grass and physicists exploring quantum chromodynamics.

Later, as a member of CSIRO’s Scientific Computing team, he spent years helping researchers write software that would run quickly and correctly on one supercomputer only for it to be replaced with a radically different machine. He is now the CEO of Australasian eResearch Organisations (AeRO) and focused on the digital workforce that supports research. He misses the coding.