Visualisation Matters 2019

6th of May '19 | Ballroom, Level 1, National Convention Centre, Canberra


SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Travelling Show

Computer Animation Festival


Collision of Cultures

Visualisation Matters 2019 is designed to inspire audiences and demonstrate how art, science, design and engineering can be closely connected through visual creativity.

Event & Location

Visusalisation Matters 2019 is co-collocated with C3DIS 2019 conference. Please join us on 6th May, at the National Convention Centre, Canberra. Make sure to stay to also watch Computer Animation Festival from SIGGRAPH Asia 2018.

Allow to be Inspired

Invited speakers from industry, academia and our local community will share their ideas and works. We are preparing a few amazing surprises, so have your eyes wide open.


Vis Matters is a prime event funded by June Kim and Tomasz Bednarz in 2016, connecting Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques, Art, Science, Visualisation, AI, Creativity, Simulation Sciences.

150 k+ lines of code
90 + hack methods
548 + litres of coffee
150 + satisfied faces


Speakers that will inspire you. Discussions that will remain with you forever. Connections that will create new opportunities. Don't miss it!

Maggie Zhang
Eleanor G.-S.
Madison H.-L.
Martin Schweitzer
Nasser Bagheri
Steven Wark
Ursula Laa
Matt Adcock
Henry Gardner
Baden Pailthorpe
Geoff Hinchcliffe
Kit Devine
Dan Power
Snow Fu
Martina Fröschl
Ina Conradi & Mark
Paul Thomas
Joan Shin
Vaughn W. O.
Tim Marsh
Kay Vasey
Olivier Bos
Ashima Thomas
Race Krehel
Abhi Kumar
June Kim
Huyen Nguyen
Justin Baker
Jenny Vuong

Visualisation Matters Today

Exciting program, please join us on 6 May, 2019.

Visualisation Matters 2019

Very exciting program - full of inspiration and breath taking ideas, don't miss it!


C3DIS 2019

DIS 2019 - Collaborative Conference on Computational & Data Intensive Science. National Convention Centre | 6-10 May 2019.

C3DIS Website

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

Visualisation Matters event was initially created to inspire local community about SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 that is coming to Australia this year.


Art and Science

"After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved, science and art tend to coalesce in esthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are always artists as well."

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
(1879 - 1955)


For more info or submit proposal of a lightning talk please e-mail epicentre (at) unsw dot