Kay Poh Gek Vasey

March 23, 2019 | no responses | 549

Chief Connecting Officer at MeshMinds and Founder of The MeshMinds Foundation

MeshMinds is a leading creative technology studio focused on creating and distributing impactful, immersive and engaging experiences for mass audiences. Through its partnership with UN Environment, MeshMinds is tasked with mobilising creative technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The content creation, distribution and consultancy services of MeshMinds help to fund the artist incubation and research activities of The MeshMinds Foundation, a registered not-for-profit arts organisation that is focused on enabling sustainable development through creative technology. Team members across both organisations include experts covering VR, AR, 3D printing, IoT and AI, working with creators on ideas to drive the sustainable development of people and our planet. Kay is an experienced international technology lawyer with significant experience in multimedia content licensing. She is an investor in three startup technology companies across the recruitment, event marketing and ride-hailing sectors. She is passionate about the power of human connections to enable positive action for a better world.